8 Reasons why PureVPN is the best VPN provider of all ?

Because PureVPN operates a self-managed VPN constellation of 6500+ servers in 140+ countries. Because we provide instant access to your desired content. Because we allow you to access everything on the Internet, download it securely, and always be safe. But above all, because we value your faith.

Here are the list:

Download PureVPN App for Windows

Connect your entire team with PUREVPN

Securely connect to your computer and access files, network, and server resources anytime, anywhere

Connect your team

Allow your computer to connect remotely to access your company network or files.

Secure your team

Allow your team members to safely access your company’s network or server

Download PureVPN For Android TV

The Fastest and Smartest VPN Ever

PureVPN offers the perfect blend of speed and optimum functionality, allowing you to enjoy the best VPN experience on Android TV ever.

Ultimate Wi-Fi Security

Unprotected Wi-Fi connections are an open invitation to hackers. Our VPN protects your data from being hijacked due to unsecured Wi-Fi connections.

Connect With One Click

Our VPN app for Android TV lets you connect with one click and shows you your status when connected.

Unlimited Server Switching

We allow you to switch from one server to another instantly and as many times as you want.

Best VPN For Firestick And Fire TV

Why Do Need PureVPN on Firestick?

Amazon Firestick is a compact device that turns any regular TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV with access to a wide range of TV shows, movies, and other content. However, you will need to use a VPN on it to enjoy a unrestricted and secure streaming experience.

Access Geo-Restricted Content

If you travel abroad, you will not be able to watch the content you enjoy, whether it is Foxtel if you have traveled outside of Australia or Peacock if you are outside the US By using a VPN on your Firestick, you can get an IP address for your country from origin and regain access to the streaming services you love, no matter where in the world you are.

Secure Your Firestick’s Traffic

Whether you use your Firestick to watch shows, play games, or surf the web, it can all be tracked by third parties such as your ISP and the government. In addition, your data is vulnerable to theft by hackers. This is because your traffic is not encrypted and can be easily intercepted by anyone unless you do something about it! With a VPN on your Firestick, you can protect your traffic with bank-grade encryption and keep your streaming habits safe and private.

Best VPN For Gaming

Play any regional server of your choice with PureVPN. PureVPN is a reliable VPN for gamers that can improve internet speed and prevent ISP throttling especially when playing MMO or RPG games.

Personalized Match making

Connect to any location of your choice and enjoy lightning-fast pairing queue times. This helps save time and instantly connects you to games like Dota 2, PUBG, Fortnite, CSGO, and others.

Complete Entertainment

It doesn’t matter where you are or where you are going. With a VPN, you can connect anywhere. For example, connect to a US server and continue streaming content available in the US Netflix library or any other country of your choice.

Avoid ISP Throttling

Streaming consumes most of your bandwidth, and that gives ISP a reason to charge you for consuming additional bandwidth or to slow you down considerably, which means you’re not going to have a good gaming experience. With a VPN, ISPs can’t figure out how much bandwidth you’ve consumed, so you will not be responsible to pay anything extra.

Netflix VPN – Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online

Netflix VPN allows you to enjoy all the shows and watch the complete catalog from anywhere you want. Whether you like American Netflix, Australia or German, use a VPN and access any library.

Watch Great Content

You can easily access Netflix shows from the US, Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom with a VPN. Also, you can get rid of buffering while watching HD shows on Netflix after connecting your device to a VPN because it bypasses ISP limitation. The good news is that you can watch all seven Netflix libraries offering 4,335 movies and 1,197 TV shows.

Netflix Offers the Full Catalog

The specials are those that can access all Netflix libraries, whether they live in Australia, India, New Zealand, Spain or France. If you are not one of them, consider using a VPN connection. Netflix catalogs may differ depending on the country you are logging in from.

Such as, people in France can only access the French version of Netflix which may have limited movies and TV shows. Netflix subscribers in the United States can watch The Walking Dead on Netflix, while people in Australia or Canada cannot.

Enjoy Streaming With Disney Plus VPN

Using a VPN is the best way to watch Disney Plus, as it is currently only available to users in the United States. Get PureVPN to help you unblock Disney Plus from anywhere.

Disney+ TV Shows

Disney TV show They have been popular since the late 90s, and now include some of the most trending TV shows, like Big Hero 6 and Star Wars Resistance. Now that Disney has created its own streaming services that are geared towards binge watchers, a lot of good things can be expected soon.

Disney+ Movies

Animated Disney shows have been loved by people of all ages and backgrounds. The Disney Plus streaming service hosts dozens of great Disney movies that you may not have seen. You will also find all the movies that you have watched before, and loved them all, such as Star Wars and Marvel movies. Watch them again! We know we have.

Disney+ Classics

What about the classics, like The Lion King, Aladdin, Peter Pan, and The Jungle Book? Disney Plus has them all too. All of the great fairy tale classics that Disney has been animating into feature films are available on the Disney Plus streaming service.


WIFI VPN – Get Securely Wireless Public Network

WiFi VPN is an ingenious way to safely continue your online activities on private and public networks. Be it a restaurant, an airport, or a mall

Enable public WiFi connection

Even if the public WiFi connection you connect to can use encrypted protocols, nearby cafes, restaurants, airports and other public places do not necessarily have the most secure Wi-Fi settings, which are used to protect you against malicious entities online.

PureVPN Protect Your WiFi

By connecting to PureVPN, all your data is sent through an encrypted tunnel, making it almost impossible to decrypt or intercept. Additionally, your IP address is replaced by one of our VPN servers, allowing you to browse with a cloak of anonymity on any Wi-Fi network.

PureVPN Help – FAQs, Tutorials, Customer Support and More

PureVPN Support Center provides user guides, customer support assistance & helpful video tutorials to setup

Report a problem or issue by creating a ticket. You can now join our exclusive community of PureVPN users to share ideas directly with our product team and try out new apps before they go public. Have a one-on-one session with our 24. 7 / Support team. Subscribe to our social channels and stay informed.