5 Reason to choose PromoRepublic that can increase the number of a business’s followers.

Create and store editable content for social media, schedule it using artificial intelligence, run local ads, manage clients or sites, and stay informed of their results with our smart products. . Get an overview of all posts for each page – scheduled, pending approval, drafts along with notes. Make your deployment schedule smart with time slots – put all in charge.

Here are the list:

Social Media Calendar Posting 

Turn your social media posts from clutter into a coherent plan that delivers visible results. Get an overview of all posts for each page.

Automate posting to the main networks

No more manual changes between pages and groups. Schedule and post from social media accounts on multiple networks simultaneously. Find out how often to post to each social media platform

Elevate reach of your posts with Time Slot Settings

Make sure your posts drive results – Explain to them when your audience engagement is at its peak. Schedule the best time to make your post visible to a broader audience.

Recycle successful posts

Set a repeating period for posts that drive engagement to get results again and again with the social media post scheduler.


Design and Store Social Media Content

PromoRepublic Social media content creation and programming are now combined on a single platform. It’s like asset manager and chart editor rolled into one. Share branded content internally or with external teams, get post ideas, personalize, and localize.

Transfer Your Content Assets to a Custom Library

PromoRepublic Store branded images for social media posts on your own platform. Organize pieces of editable content in custom folders for easy navigation. Get limitless access to professional pictures for your posts.

PromoRepublic Edit visuals interface

PromoRepublic Modify templates or create brilliant images from scratch in minutes with the built-in graphics editor. Adapt sizes to any network and make sure your posts don’t go unnoticed on social media.Store content on a branded platform

Store content on a branded platform

Get the White Label version of the PromoRepublic interface designed with your colors and logo and hosted on your website domain to maintain brand consistency.

Designed workflow for your business

Whether you’re an agency, multi-location brand, or franchise, we’ve got an efficient workflow setup for you. Move your spreadsheet content distribution and approval processes to PromoRepublic, share ideas, stay informed of the actions carried out by your teams and clients.

Group multiple pages into a structure

PromoRepublic Group multiple pages by customer or by location in a workspace to share comments and ideas. Add team members to join forces and collaborate on content creation.

Setup proper permission levels

PromoRepublic Determine which of your team members, clients, or sites have rights to add drafts, create posts, schedule, or approve. Restrict access to the interface and show only open comments.

Reporting your social media performance.

PromoRepublic Cover the most important metrics for multiple locations, clients, or pages at a glance. Get the big picture to reveal the under-performers, adjust your social media strategy, and report on the results.

Get detailed reports per page

Get an easy-to-digest report that describes the dynamics of page performance over a given period of time. Export to PDF and present to the team or clients.

Find the weakest and outstanding social media pages

Review the pages within the workspace to see which ones are generating new followers, increasing engagement, and which ones are driving you down.

Identify gaps in social media performance across locations

Take a quick peek at the dashboard to see which sites are doing well and which are the least performing, just in time for decisive action.

Get Сontent Сreation Services on Social Media

Get a collection of 20 designs that speak with your branding voice delivered directly to the platform. You can either publish it on the spot or customize it with the built-in graphics editor.

Customer Success Manager onboards

Customer Success Manager integrates it into the platform and processes. Apply the form with your business details, social media pages and content preferences. After that, our team (social media manager, designer, and copywriter) creates the first 5 content samples for approval. You decide if it meets your needs and accurately expresses the voice of your brand. After that, we modify another 15 pieces of content and send them to the platform for you. From here, you can schedule them with a few clicks.

Create Social Media Calendar

We will create images and GIFs for your social media calendar including engaging, promotional, motivational and educational posts. Our goal is to create content that reflects the unique value of your products, expresses your brand positioning, and meets your needs.

Creating Brand story Content

We really dig deep and focus on creating content that tells the story of your brand in the best way. Promo Republic team researches and analyses the business to choose what makes it so unique. By understanding why you are so cool and unique, we will create original images. This will help you stand out and beat the competition on social media.