12 Great Reasons to Use SEMrush to Supercharge SEO and Content Marketing.

Semrush knows a lot about the market and the website. It gives you access to the world’s largest database of 20 billion keywords, 310 million ads, and 17 billion URLs crawled daily. But you get more than just numbers. Semrush analyzes the data for you and provides you with instant recommendations on SEO, content marketing, and advertising that can help you.

Here are the list:

SEO Keyword Research Tools

The SEMrush Keyword Overview gives you updates about search volumes, trends, the number of relevant keyword suggestions, and information on its value in organic and paid searches. Get useful information such as size, SEO and PPC metrics, trends and ad copy for the term to search for, find countries with larger search volumes and focus your SEO campaign on them, and analyze this data for both the desktop and mobile index.

Keyword Overview

SemRush Keyword Overview is a quick tool that provides a snapshot of the value of a particular keyword. Through key metrics such as volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, competition in paid search, high ranking pages, ad copy, etc., you can evaluate a keyword’s prospects and how it affects your traffic.

Organic Research

Organic Research is a comprehensive tool that allows you to do deep analysis and find the most relevant keywords for your niche. In one place, you can analyze website rankings in Google’s top 100, explore your organic competitors, check which keywords are driving the most traffic, and find new prospects to get your website up a SERP.

Keyword Gap

Keyword Gap is a powerful tool for finding and comparing keyword profiles of up to five domains. It enables you to carry out in-depth competitive keyword analysis and build a solid SEO strategy.

Technical SEO Tools

Check the status of your site, analyze your interaction with Google and get new ideas to improve ranking with SEMrush’s technical SEO audit tools.

Site Audit

Process your pages in minutes with a high-speed crawler and get practical solutions to troubleshoot your website. Apply flexible crawl settings and run our highly detailed on-page and technical SEO checks.

On Page SEO Checker

Get a comprehensive list of ideas to improve the ranking of specific web pages. Get tips on link building, content writing, SERP targeting, and more.

Log File Analyzer

Analyze your access logs and get a clear picture of how Google’s crawler interacts with your website. This will help you address structural and mobility issues and find new ideas for managing robot activity and crawling to optimize the budget.

Competitor Analysis Tools

Explore all aspects of your rivals’ online presence: your website traffic and marketing strategies, SEO efforts, advertising, content and PR, and social media performance. Get all the insights in one go with SEMrush tools for competitor analysis.

Traffic Analytics

Compare your website traffic metrics to those of your competition to confirm your marketing success and rebuild after a temporary decline. Report your strategy changes with website competitor analysis.

Organic Research

Discover your organic search competitors and find opportunities to compete against them. Learn the value of the exact keywords you’re ranking for, and highlight the gaps that even your rivals miss.

Social Media Tracker

Go to the social networks of your competitors under a comprehensive digital analysis. Control your audience preferences and discover new ways to increase engagement.

Content Marketing Tools

Create and execute a powerful data-driven content strategy based on the needs of your audience. Combine creativity and analysis at every step of your workflow, from ideation to creation, optimization and measurement.

Topic Research

Discover dozens of content ideas to create engaging content that resonates with your audience. Find popular topics, headlines, and questions online to craft a successful editorial plan for generating traffic.

Post Tracking

Measure the performance of your external posts or your competitors’ articles. Track social engagement, backlink count, referral traffic to your website, and daily keyword ranking for your content.

SEO Writing Assistant

Check your SEO score and originality, improve your readability, and adjust the tone of voice to write an exceptional piece of content. Get actionable tips in your Google Docs or WordPress account on the go.


SERP Tracking Tools

Monitor your performance on Google search engine results pages and discover new opportunities to improve your online presence with SEMrush.

Position Tracking

Track your keywords, domains, and competition on Google. Our tool makes it easy to track the progress of your campaign, detect and correct cannibalization, and optimize your targeting efforts based on the most accurate data, updated daily.


Track the volatility of the Google and Baidu SERPs based on daily ranking changes. Monitor for signs that could indicate a Google algorithm update and follow which industries are changing more than others.


Research the domains with the highest organic visibility in various global markets. Discover the domains with the highest paid keywords, paid traffic, and estimated paid traffic budget and pull the data from any of our regional databases.

Social Media Management Tools

Optimize your social media marketing with our ad publishing, monitoring and management solutions.

Social Media Poster

Schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business in seconds and track your performance. Turn your programming routine into an enjoyable ritual with our time-saving features.

Social Media Ads

Create, launch, manage and optimize ads on placements within the Facebook family with the Social Media Ads tool. See your under performing ads and get recommendations on how to improve them.

Backlink Analysis Tools

Take your backlink profile to the next level with SEMrush’s link building tools. Audit backlinks, master outreach campaigns, and track your progress.

Backlink Audit Tool

Monitor the quality of your backlink profile in detail – Take advantage of our streamlined workflow to detoxify and strengthen your backlink profile.

Bulk Backlink Analysis

Improve your backlink building prospects and analyze your actual progress against a wide range of competitors. With more backlink opportunities, you can expand your presence within your niche.

Content Creation and Distribution Tools

Make content creation and distribution easy with SEMrush. Find resounding topic ideas, request traffic-generating blog posts from professional copywriters, and share them with your audience with just a few clicks.

Topic Research

Get hundreds of content ideas with a few clicks based on a rough topic and your location. Discover the headlines of your top rivals and questions from your audience to create quality content for your target readers.

Content Marketplace

Just pinpoint a topic and get blog posts that drive traffic from professional authors. We will find a copywriter for your particular needs to create unique content, and we will also optimize it on demand.

Market Analysis Tools

Get a complete understanding of your current or new market. Include competitor analysis in the key steps of your marketing management process.

Market Explorer

Establish market positions with the SEMrush Growth Quadrant. Find out the market size and potential, key players, their online market share, and traffic generation strategies in SEMrush Market Explorer reports.

Traffic Analytics

Benchmark online performance and trends of market players with. Analyze the demand and interests of your target market customers, geographic distribution, their traffic path to level your communication and media strategies.

Paid Marketing Tools

Analyze your competition, conduct keyword research, and create compelling ad copy. Save hours by automating time-consuming tasks with SEMrush’s paid marketing tools.

Advertising Research

Analyze the advertising strategies of your competitors. See the keywords they are bidding on. View sample ad copy from industry leaders and see which months of the year they ran. Discover new advertisers on Google Ads.

Display Advertising

Explore the GDN strategies of your competitors. Analyze your advertising texts and banners. Spot new publishers to choose high-performing placements for your ads. Find out which audiences your competitors are targeting.

PLA Advertising

Analyze the performance of other Google Shopping advertisers. Discover the search queries that trigger the appearance of your PLAs and their positioning. Explore in detail the most successful ads of your competitors.

PPC Keyword Research

Find the right keywords with our paid keyword research tools to connect with your audience and achieve your level of intent.

PPC Keyword Tool

Optimize your PPC campaign with the PPC keyword tool. Organize keywords at the campaign and ad group level, set negatives, find the local volume and CPC data (down to city level), and create a master keyword list.


Identify trends in your niche by looking at the most expensive and searched keywords in any state or region for your industry. Find out which locations will be the most responsive and easy to target.

Website Monetization Tools

A powerful toolkit for bloggers, AdSense publishers, and affiliate managers. Use competitive intelligence to monetize your website traffic and make your efforts pay off.

On Page SEO Checker

The tool provides you with the exact action points needed to improve your website. Recommendations are based on analysis of your competitors (those in Google’s top 10 results) and your own site.

SEO Writing Assistant

This intuitive tool subtly provides you with optimization ideas for your text just as you’re bringing it to life. Get recommendations about readability, words to use, title, word count, and tone of voice.